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Stiles Stilinski

"Like someone needs to sex me right now!"

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Name:Stiles Stilinski
Birthdate:Apr 8
Location:Beacon Hills, California, United States of America

"Missing and presumed dead, Scott, because he was probably a virgin. You know who else is a virgin? Me. I'm a virgin, okay? You know what that means? It means my lack of sexual experience is now literally a threat to my life, okay. I need to have sex. Like right now. Someone needs to have sex with me like today. Like someone needs to sex me right now!"
- Stiles Stilinski, Teen Wolf 3x04

Stiles is a student at Beacon Hills High School and the son of Beacon County's Sheriff Stilinski. His mother died sometime prior to 2011. He has never gotten over her death and, for some unknown reason, blames himself. He was a geeky but otherwise normal kid before a werewolf bit his best friend and threw his world into constant chaos.

He is intelligent, if not somewhat impractical about things, curious for his own sake, and caring with a sarcastic nature. He has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and uses Adderall to control it, which lends to his fidgeting gestures and frequent flailing. He is extremely clever and has led the way in working through many of the mysteries he finds cropping up in his life lately. He is a bit frustrated that the werewolf bite has cast him as Robin to Scott’s Batman but he is a solid friend and loyal to a fault. He holds an intense but unrequited love for fellow classmate Lydia Martin, but he knows when to admit defeat for the impossible. While they have a typically combative Parent/Teenager relationship, he loves his father very much and often worries about his safety. Stiles relationship with Alpha werewolf Derek is awkward and adversarial.


OOC NOTE: My interpretation of Stiles is that he is bisexual, and that is how I play him. I do not, however, ship him with Derek just in case any Sterek shippers out there are looking here for a potential Stiles. In addition, no matter how much more powerful and dominant your character is of mine in canon, please request my permission first before physically harming my muse.

DISCLAIMER: Stiles Stilinski is a character from the TV Show, Teen Wolf. He exists here in muse form for RP and muse writing purposes only. No profit is being made, no infringement intended. Stiles and Teen Wolf are the creation of Jeff Davis, and owned by Jeff Davis and TV network, MTV. Stiles is played by actor, Dylan O'Brien. This journal has no affiliation to Teen Wolf, Jeff Davis, MTV or Dylan O'Brien.

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