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"Oh, hey... this is Stiles. I'm off being important and wisely. If not, hopefully getting laid, or likely just in jail. Whatever, just leave me a message, bitches. Or if you're dying or in grave danger? Uh... we need to develop a Bat Call or something. It's number two on my to-do list, after losing my virginity."
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Ten promises to someone important to you

1. To always be your best friend
2. To trust you unconditionally
3. To always have your back if I'm not dead
4. To do my best to cover for you to our folks
5. To do whatever it takes to help you
6. To roll with the wolfly punches when you got bitten
7. To always be the Robin to your Batman
8. To defend you when no one else believed you
9. To help you find the answers no matter what
10. To die to save you, if that's what it took

And now I don't know if you ever really promised me any of that stuff in return...
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Sometimes there were moments in your life where things weren’t really left unsaid, but words became surplus to requirement. Stiles had still been recovering from his ordeal with the nogitsune when they suddenly found themselves in Mexico. He was exhausted, he was confused, he was frustrated, and he was overwhelmed.

He sought out Isaac, and instead of saying anything, just pounced on him with a hug so intense it nearly managed to knock his werewolf boyfriend over. He buried his face in Isaac’s shoulder and just stood there holding him for a much-needed timeout on more crap hitting more fans.

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Stiles really wasn’t much of a coordinated dancer. He got that off his dad, who had apparently been subjected to dance lessons by Stiles’ mom prior to their wedding so he could at least pull off their first dance without face-planting the floor or crushing her toes.

Now here Stiles was in exactly the same boat, trying to learn how to do the waltz for his own wedding because – apparently – twerking or the sprinkler dance weren’t viable prospect for one’s first dance as a married person. But really, Stiles was sure everyone should be grateful he didn’t want the Timewarp.

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“Crazy” was the only word that could describe what had happened to Derek. There had been friggen movies made about how people got aged regressed. And remakes of the movies made about it. It was one big mindfuck for Stiles, because Derek as a teenager was so different to what he was an adult. Fucked up things had changed him… but now Stiles could see that it was for the better.

Derek had let anger and vengeance change him so much. Seeing the outfall of all of this made Stiles realise he never wanted to fall into the same trap.

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One week in, Stiles had already had enough of wedding-planning. He thought it was going to be fun, but there was about 80% of things on the list he had no interest in. He was now sitting in a stalemate with his fiancé sitting across from him trying to get him to at least pick a colour theme. Stiles was procrastinating. Stiles was exceptionally talented at procrastinating…

In fact, he only had to look up from the colour samples and give Isaac a wicked smirk to have his other-half pounce on him for something entirely not wedding related at all.

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There was always a constant battle with something. Stiles was beginning to become convinced he would end up with ulcers and heart problems by the time he was 21. Just when they managed to get rid of one force of evil (including his own possession), another cropped up with seeming more intent to cause more death.

He just wanted some days to his feet up, lay around in his underwear watching cult classics, and ploughing down as much sugary junk food as he could get his hands on, because he couldn’t remember the last time he was a normal kid.

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When you’re a kid, breaking a bone was an awesome achievement. You got to have a cool cast everyone could draw all over, and regaling the tale of your war wound to your mates was even better.

But as an adult, a broken ankle was just a pain in the ass. It was uncomfortable, crutches were awkward, and getting laid demanded fast learning of a whole new skill set just to manage to get things where they were supposed to be. Stiles had never been a fan of sitting still, so a medically-induced go-slow for six weeks was a nightmare.

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It wasn’t often that Stiles was rendered speechless, but coming face-to-face with a de-aged Derek definitely managed to make words somewhat surplus to requirement. But then, no one really knew what to say... or do. They had dealt with a lot in their short time as a pack, and subsequently learned a lot, but this was one of those true WTF moments that could never be pre-empted.

And Stiles being Stiles, seeing a younger Derek, he was faced with a peculiar urge to give the new teen a wedgie or a wet-willy as initiation into their world of teen dorkishness.

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I don't ship Stiles/Malia, and this muse will never be written referencing shipping with Malia.

Stiles/Isaac is my Teen Wolf OTP, and unless hell freezes over (this is TW, you never know!) Stisaac will always be this muse's sole romantic interest.
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Stiles sat on the floor of the living-room looking at the small pile of mail nursed in the palm of his hand, mouth hanging open slightly in disbelief. The envelopes were yellowed from age, each one had his name scrawled on the front in his mom’s handwriting.

They were all unopened. All written to him before her death. All unknown to him.

Until now. Until he found them tucked away in a wooden box on a shelf in the basement. Did he want to read what was inside, read the words she penned just for him? He had no idea.

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